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Friends first thanks

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Rest assured, things end on a positive note, even though Chandler and Monica's wedding china gets destroyed.

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A few minutes into their pre-dinner game, Phoebe, Rachel, Joey, and Chandler quickly discovered why Monica and Ross's parents once banned them from playing the game together. What are you thankx for?

Kotter mustache and Chandler's wild Flock of Seagulls hairstyle. So, they eat cheese sandwiches courtesy of Chandler. Some things go together naturally, just like Friends and Thanksgiving episodes. Ultimately, Monica decides she's not that upset after receiving amazing news over the phone.

Friends’ 10 thanksgiving episodes ranked from worst to best

Joey confesses that firt family thinks that he has V. Season 7" The One Where Chandler Doesn't Like Dogs ": Chandler has to reveal Friends first thanks he hates dogs when Phoebe sneaks one into his apartment, while Ross becomes fixated on naming all fifty states to Friends first thanks Thanksgiving dinner thznks Rachel invites her assistant Tag Jones after he breaks up with his girlfriend. Season 6" The One Where Ross Got High ": While Rachel accidentally makes a Friensd dessert, Ross has to reveal that he told his parents Chandler was a drug addict in college after they found him in his room after Ross had been smoking pot.

To make things more interesting, Rachel's openly hostile sister Amy Christina Applegate shows up and puts everyone on edge during Thanksgiving dinner. Not only does he make his displeasure with Thanksgiving so known that it sours the holiday for other people, but, as this episode informs us, the erstwhile Miss Chanandler Bong hates dogs.

The 9 best 'friends' thanksgiving episodes, ranked

In the present day, Monica tries to cheer him up by putting an entire turkey on her head. His chance with Rachel is shattered, however, when she finds out he compared her firwt Julie in a pro and con list. The best part just may be that the dog's name is Friends first thanks It ranks so high because Chandler making jokes from a box fkrst the entire episode is just so strange and funny.

ByFriends had explored most every possible Thanksgiving angle, except for the one that defines so many real-life Thanksgivings: familial fighting.

Pumpkin and pie. Friends first thanks and Chandler use their fancy wedding dishes for the first time and learn that Rachel and Ross have chosen them to care for their daughter, Emma, if something happens to them. In this, the first Friends Thanksgiving, Monica and Ross are forced to celebrate the holiday on their own in the city because their parents went away on a trip.

In just its second Thanksgiving episode, Friends takes the action outside for a change always a tricky prospect for a three-camera, live-in-front-of-a-studio-audience sitcom so that the friends can do what so many families and friend groups do in reality: play a game of tag football. However, with that being said, there can only be one best Friends Friends first thanks episode.

Begin Slideshow Photo: Everett Collection. Chandler and Joey, meanwhile, fight over a Dutch woman.

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Monica invites to dinner an old friend from high school, Will, who was an even bigger dork than Ross back in the day. Phoebe brings her Grandmother, confesses that she observes Thanksgiving in December because her Grandma's boyfriend is Lunar. Well, guess what: Since graduation, he got hot.

For all nine seasons of the beloved NBC comedy, viewers were treated to a Thanksgiving episode focused around the chaos and love between Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey trying to all get-together and get the turkey on the table. Season 10" The One With The Late Thanksgiving ": The gang are all late for thanksgiving Friends first thanks Ross and Joey were at a hockey game and Rachel and Phoebe took Emma to a baby Frienvs ant, leading to Monica]] locking them out, but her mood is improved when she gets a call that a woman has picked her and Chandler to adopt her.

From the episode Friends first thanks they all play football to the one where Monica puts a turkey on her head, it does not get better than when the crew is celebrating the holiday Chandler hates the most: Thnks Day. Ross breaks up with Julie after sharing a romantic kiss with Rachel at Central Perk. Photo: NBC This article originally ran in Together, the entire crew commiserates over their worst holiday experiences in a hilarious throwback episode that features Ross' Mr.

Or should I say … Chanberries!

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To help you prioritize your marathonwe went ahead and ranked every Friends Tahnks episode from best to worst — and by worst, we really mean still wildly entertaining just not as good as, say, The One With the Rumor. The tense evening le to Monica and Ross screaming secrets about each other to their parents, Rachel screwing up her dessert triflePhoebe declaring Friends first thanks love for Jacques Friiends, and Joey announcing that he just wants Friemds leave.

Besides that, there's Monica's very awkward run-in with Richard's son, Friends first thanks ends up coming to Thanksgiving dinner. But as far as Thanksgiving episodes go, Friends has the most and the best. Kayla Keegan News and Entertainment Editor Kayla Keegan covers all things in the entertainment, pop culture, and celebrity space for Good Housekeeping. In the end, her mood changes when she and Chandler get a call from an adoption agency about a baby.

The group decide to play football in the park. It lays the groundwork for the splintering of the group into different Friebds and locations by series end.

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Rachel says that she can't afford to buy a ticket Friends first thanks Vail to be with her family. And so, the best way to get into the Thanksgiving mood is to binge the sitcom while the turkey and side dishes are still in the oven. Meanwhile, amid all of this drama is Joey, who is in the fight of his life trying to eat every morsel of the gigantic turkey Frineds made. This Friendx isn't very festive, but it sure is funny.


Friends first thanks Chandler is happy because everyone eats grilled cheese sandwiches. And, of course, we get both Monica and Joey with a turkey stuck on their he. As the group reminisce, Monica reveals that she tyanks overheard Chandler call her fat. So obviously, I am a Friends Thanksgiving expert. Warner Bros. In an effort to free him, he ends up crashing into the Thanksgiving dinner that Monica made for everyone.

Also, Ross helped spread the rumor, so that causes a rift Frienxs him and Rachel, who are currently on a break from hating each other. Meat, good!

Rachel can't afford a plane ticket home, Joey's family is afraid of getting VD after seeing him on a poster advertising the disease, Chandler is adverse to the holiday because of his parents divorce, and Monica and Ross's parents Friends first thanks on vacation. Things get trickier though when the Gellers announce that they don't like Chandler because they think he smoked pot in college even though in reality, it was Ross.

Turkey and stuffing. To make matters funnier, high school rumors about Rachel and Ross resurface.