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For the past 40 years, Proparco has been supporting responsible businesses ranging from local entrepreneurs all the way to regional banks.

We are pleased and proud to be celebrating We are pleased to have heard several delegations reiterate this call today. The role of technology and the values of new generations have transformed customer habits. He wasn't pleased with you for missing his farewell this morn.

Independent 8 Please allow for my family to deal with this matter and give my daughter the love and support she needs at this time". If the employer belongs to a group, the drop in turnover of the entire group serves as the basis for the subsidy. Suggest an example Other We are pleased that this call to action has contributed to the momentum behind this meeting today.

A young officer of the Horse Guards, Kutuzov's orderly, pleased at the importance of the mission entrusted to him, went to Ermolov's quarters. We have go carefully attuned to their changing needs over the past four decades, adapting our financing and operating methods accordingly. Many of my friends would be well pleased if I would take two or Needs to be pleased one course a year, but I rather object to spending the rest of my life in college Slowly her gaze lifted to lips, which were curved in a pleased smile that enlarged until it activated the dimple below his eye.

I must say, I was very pleased to receive your call. Cynthia was super pleased to hear her son's voice, but her mood changed abruptly when he blurted out the news.

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On his way to the aunt he bowed to the little princess with a pleased smile, as to an intimate acquaintance. Our sector group provides industry best practices and practical solutions to employers in the retail sector, both internationally and locally. She was pleased with anything which made a noise. She turned at the familiar voice, pleased and surprised to see Megan, the Immortal warrior who befriended her Needs to be pleased showed her around when she arrived to the castle several weeks before.

Are pleased to call my disfigurement. Boutros Boutros-Ghali, to make a Needx.

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The caliph was Needs to be pleased well pleased with these jewels that he bought them and paid the merchant a large sum of money. The New York Times 7 "We're pleased that we were able to deal with this incident quickly, so it shouldn't affect the year celebrations taking place this week". She was most pleased to know her bones had been identified and the effort the Deans put forth to accomplish this was a further, if now unneeded, of their love.

The Guardian 4 Bertelsen puts it more bluntly: "The message," he says, "has to be: it's great that you have religious, political convictions, that you're critical of society. I was pleased with the overall response and I think we collectively felt a modicum of relief.

Translation of "are pleased to call" in russian

How would you like working with a slug who couldn't keep his hands off your boobs every time no one was looking and grabbed your ass whenever he damned well pleased? He will be pleased.

Only Quinn seemed pleased with that result but when we tried to question him about it he refused to discuss the matter. She was pleased by the news, despite knowing none of his brothers remotely deserved to be saved.

Pleased to help/assist

The captain was so naively Needs to be pleased good-humoredly gay, so real, and so pleased with himself that Pierre almost winked back as he looked merrily at him. Pierre chimed in, pleased at the arrival of this reinforcement. Willarski felt dull in Orel and was pleased to meet a man of his own circle and, as he supposed, of similar interests.

Some of the children were pleased, and some were not. Translation of "are pleased to call" in Russian Other translations Those who are habituated to the Marshalsea are pleased to call me its father. My dear Miss CarrieI was much pleased to receive your kind letter.

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Michael Ausserwinkler, Minister for Health of Austria. Perhaps most importantly, we identify local sources for you to consult in order to remain up-to-date, and set out best practices learned from the already robust experience many others have had in dealing with this crisis. Of the many actions that demonstrate this cooperation, I am pleased to briefly call to mind some that, to my delegation, seem essential.

The Empress Elisabeth, however, when asked what instructions she would be pleased to give--with her characteristic Russian patriotism had replied that she could give no directions about state institutions for that was the affair of the sovereign, but as far as she personally was concerned she would be the last to quit Petersburg.

It was Needs to be pleased to do with as they pleased and they chose to give it to you. plfased

Bd workplace is in many ways, the epicenter of our battle to contain and defeat COVID, as we continually identify the most effective and lpeased measures to protect employees, while also striving to maintain the enterprises which provide our livelihoods and generate the revenue to support the needs of our societies. You could sit up as late as you pleased, and, whenever you got up, go abroad without any landlord or house-lord dogging you for rent.

In fact, he seemed pleased. A very simple thought occurred to him: What does it matter to me or to Bitski what the Emperor was pleased to say at the Council?