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Indy reluctantly saves Kazim from being cut to pieces in a boat engine propeller, and Kazim reveals his father's location after learning that Indy has no paety in finding the Grail. Copy Happy 10th anniversary of your 20th Birthday! When Indy and Satipo reach a pit on the way out, Satipo makes it over with Indy's whip and Indy is stuck on the other side.

BBCA Tues. Panama Hat is seen taking back the cross and handing a stack of money to the gang.

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He struggles with the villain's men and gets the cross back. Overheard: It wasn't what we heard, so much as what we saw. Glover enjoyed playing onlu part because of the character's ambiguous nature: "What would you do, if you had the chance of having eternal life? He follows behind him through the temple's traps on the way in.

We spotted a pair and shockingly, that person also wasn't wearing jelly shoes and holding a Cabbage Patch. After Indy does so, Donovan and Elsa follow him into a room filled with cups, one of which is the Grail.

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Performer: No performers, just DJs. With best wishes and a bucket full of loveā€¦ Vefnon Happy Vrnon Birthday wishes from your most forgetful friend who needs to buy a diary. However, the script was scrapped and the mine car chase was recycled for Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Happy Birthday wrinkly! Overheard: Since Dallas Cowboys running back Felix Jones couldn't get into the Playboy party, he chose to entertain himself by razzing Saints fans outside the Sagamore Hotel.

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SUND Mon. This party is the real deal. Rihanna was there to host the event. Overheard: Lots of laughter when a woman in four-inch platforms slipped on the dance floor as she tried to execute a complex dance move. Marty TCM Wed.

Lots of A-listers. Not happening.

Noon Giirl Sun. InIndiana meets Wu in Shanghai on his way to Mongoliaand steals his family's ashes from Che, securing his old friend's freedom.

His father was an executive at Universal Studios and his mother hosted fancy dinner parties, his daughter said. Just as the Summer Olympics don't really begin until the track-and-field events start, the Super Bowl party scene doesn't really kick off until this party.

USA Thur. With the bonus surprise of Eli Manning and his family showing up, this party gets a solid eight fist pumps. Brody was friends with Indy's father, Henry Sr.

Was it the guy who wore a cranberry do-rag to match his cranberry shirt? Shockingly, several attendees were overdressed.

During Indiana's fight against the chief Thuggee guard, Singh hinders Indiana by using a voodoo doll. Worst party clothes: While you can't deny Chris Johnson's skills as a running back, the jeans he had on looked like they were bought in a resale shop. Before we get to our "Jersey Shore"-inspired recaps of the week's best Super Bowl parties, we chase down Mike the Situation to talk about partying on Super Bowl Sunday. Garth, however, consoles Jones, admiring the young man's attempts to claim it.

I guess Playboy called itself taking the "high road" and decided not to stick to its usual game plan of busing in the best-looking women from the area. BRVO Sat.

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May you live all the days of your life. Copy For your Birthday, I wish that for every extra candle on your cake, you are given an extra reason to smile. Worst party clothes: Although Venus looked damn good in that Herve Leger dress, it would have been better suited for a red carpet Grammy party than a casual daytime event. Maybe a little more surprising is what we didn't hear: any mention of J. This event was one of the hardest tickets to get into and getting to mingle among Hollywood's elite in their own home made this a night that won't be forgotten.

Celebrities who were confirmed, but we didn't spot: It was a small event about peoplebut it was completely sold out.

Movies on tv this week: sunday, july 12,

And Nelly served as the party's VIP reporter. Transformers and Pearl Harbor director Michael Bay and the A-list celebrities were mingling around the house, chatting with partygoers, movie execs and other industry honchos.

AMC Wed.